The sacred olive trees of the Maasai

The Maasai are among the emblematic peoples of sub-Saharan Africa, renowned in particular for Joseph Kessel’s narrative in his novel The Lion. Semi-nomadic herders who roam the high plateaus on either side of the border between Kenya and Tanzania, they live in symbiosis with the nature that surrounds them and, in particular, devote a very important cult to a tree that one would never have … Continuer de lire The sacred olive trees of the Maasai

The Lebanese olive oil

AT A GLANCE Beginning: the Phoenicians, more than 2000 years b.c Production: 17,000 tonnes per year, but very variable year on year Consumption: 20,000 tons of olive oil per year Culture regions: Zgharta, Koura, Batroun, Akkar, Rashaya, El Foukhar, Tasbaya Producers: more than 110,000 farmers Total area cultivated: 56,000 hectares (22% of Lebanon’s agricultural land), 80% for oil, 20% for table olives Main varieties: Souri … Continuer de lire The Lebanese olive oil

Old and modern history of olives crop in Japan

Few people know it in Europe, but also in Japan : there is a domestic olive oil production on the Nippon archipelago ! Mainly concentrated in Kagawa Prefecture, and more specifically on the Shōdo Island, the crop arrived in the country more than one century ago, right after it opened its doors to the outer world. Here is a quick overview of olives crop in … Continuer de lire Old and modern history of olives crop in Japan

株式会社 Yamahisa – Japan

Farmer: Katsuhisa Uematsu Brand: Yamahisa Year: 1988 Place: Shōdoshima, Kagawa, Japan Grove: 1800 olive trees Cultivars : Mission, Manzanillo, Nevadillo Blanco, Lucca, Kalamata, Koroneiki Harvest time: from October (Nevadillo, Manzanillo) to December (Mission, Kalamata), 10 persons Press: own mill Production: 0,6 to 1,5 tons of olive oil, 900 kg of olive tea, 700 000 L of soy sauce Other products: « Sencha » olive tea and table … Continuer de lire 株式会社 Yamahisa – Japan

東洋オリーブ Toyo Olive – Japan

Producer : Minami family Brand : Toyo Olive Year : 1955 Place : Teshima and Shōdoshima, Kagawa, Japon Grove : 25 Ha, 12 000 olive trees Varieties : Mission, Lucca, Manzanillo, Nevadillo Blanco, Sainte-Catherine, Retuccino, Frantoio, Arbequina, etc. Harvest time : from October to December, hand picking Press: own mill, the biggest Pieralisi in Japan : 1-3 tons Production : 10 000 L per year … Continuer de lire 東洋オリーブ Toyo Olive – Japan

高尾農園 Takao Nouen no Olive Hatake – Japan

Farmer: Toyohiro Takao Brand: Takao Nouen no Olive Hatake Year of settlement: 2006 Location: Shodoshima, Japan Grove: 7 hectares, 2000 trees Varieties: Lucca, Mission, Manzanillo, Frantoio, Nevadillo Blanco Harvest: from early October to late November, hand-picking Mill: Oliomio, 300kg/day Productivity: 500 L per year Other products: table olives, asparagus, cosmetics made by another firm from his olive oil. Specificities: awarded at several extra virgin olive … Continuer de lire 高尾農園 Takao Nouen no Olive Hatake – Japan

遠州オリーブ Enshu Olives – Japan

Farmers: Rie and Kenta Suzuki Brand: Enshu Olives Year of settlement: 2011 Location: Ashida, Shizuoka, Japan Size: 2,4 ha, 700 olive trees Varieties: 11 cultivars, 50% Frantoio, but also Mission, Moraiolo Harvest time: October, hand picking, olive by olive Mill: Oliomio 80plus (80kg per hour) Oil production : 60L in 2018 (typhoon) Other products : table olives, olive leaves tea, soaps Specificities : organic, biodynamic … Continuer de lire 遠州オリーブ Enshu Olives – Japan

成岡周 Narushuu, bonsai olive trees

Shizuoka is a seaside city close to Mount Fuji and a 2 hours drive from Tokyo. Famous for its tea plantations – 50% of the japanese production is made in the area – the city also hosts a young nurseryman of a new kind, Naruoka Suichi, who has launched in 2012 an importation business for bonsai olive trees. In Olio Veritas – Naruoka Suichi, could … Continuer de lire 成岡周 Narushuu, bonsai olive trees

Toshiya Tada – Raider of the lost quality

Olive Japan association and its olive oil sommelier school are located in a slightly dilapidated building in the posh area of Ginza, Tokyo. It’s here that, on a rainy early march day, we met Toshiya Tada, Japan’s olive oil mogul, who shared with us his inspired opinions about Quality. In Olio Veritas – Tada-san, thank you for receiving us. Japan is famous around the world … Continuer de lire Toshiya Tada – Raider of the lost quality

Olive oil Made in China

China is a fascinating country in many ways and is the subject of many fantasies for us Westerners. Its exotic orientalism and millenary traditions have seduced Europeans since Marco Polo recounted them in his book The Travels, while Beijing’s desire for economic hegemony is worrying and even frightening. So what happens when China steps into the olive crop, one of the oldest and most vibrant … Continuer de lire Olive oil Made in China

祥宇 Xiangyu – China

Producer: Mrs. Yuhong Liu Brand: Xiangyu Date of settlement: 1997 Location: Wudu district, Longnan region, Gansu Province, China Olive grove: 1 000 ha owned + cooperative over 20 000 ha Varieties: Leccino, Koroneiki, Pendolino, Picual, Picholine, but also the chinese varieties Ezhi-8 and Gheng’Gu-32 Harvest time: Hand picking in November Production: 2 millions litres per year Other products: a hundred products: sweet table olives, beauty … Continuer de lire 祥宇 Xiangyu – China

Yu Sheng Kang – China

Producer: Pu Jianxin Brand: Yu Sheng Kang Year of settlement: 2009 Location: Wudu district, Longnan region Gansu Province, China Olive grove: no Varieties: several, in particular : Leccino, Koroneiki, Pendolino, Frantoio, Picual, Arbequina, etc. Harvest: hand picking in November Production: 200 000 litres per year Other products: no Specificities: buy olives to farmers from more than 20 villages Olive oil production in Gansu, a fruitful … Continuer de lire Yu Sheng Kang – China

Long Jin Yuan – China

Producer: Wang Rui Brand: Long Jin Yuan Year of settlement: 2015 Location: Wudu district, Longnan region Gansu Province, China Olive grove: 130 hectares Varieties: Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Picual, Koroneiki Harverst:  end of October, hand picking Production: 300,000 litres per years Other products: olive wine, vinager, liquor, and leaves tea Specificities: own their olive nursery New entrants of Chinese olive oil, already so big! Along a large … Continuer de lire Long Jin Yuan – China

Shan Quan He Tao – China

It is at the bottom of the Tiger Leaping Gorges in Yunnan, China, after kilometres of train and bus, then 9 hours trekking on 1200 meters in height, that we finally meet Sean. Of Tibetan origin, his family has been living in the gorges for more than five generations and produces walnuts and walnut oil in this village known as Walnut Garden. But for the … Continuer de lire Shan Quan He Tao – China

Olive oil in New Zealand

Everybody asked the same question : « olive oil made in New Zealand, are you sure ?! ». To really make sure, we travelled to the other end of the world, and met Matiatia Grove, Mount Grey Olives and Aquiferra, olive oil producers in various spots of the country. Here is what we saw and learned. AT A GLANCE Origin: XIXth century Production: 400 tons of olive … Continuer de lire Olive oil in New Zealand

Matiatia Grove – New Zealand

Farmer : Margaret & John Edwards Brand : Matiatia grove Date of settlement : 1991 Location : Waiheke, North Island, New Zealand Grove : 9 hectares, 1 000 trees Varieties : Frantoio, Koroneiki, Maraiolo, Pendolino, J-5 Harvest : from late april to early june, using electronic combs Productivity : 3 000 liters per year Other products : lemon and mandarine infused oils Particulars : own … Continuer de lire Matiatia Grove – New Zealand

Aquiferra – New Zealand

Farmer: Bob Marshall & Shona Thompson Brand : Aquiferra Date of settlement : 2001 Location : Hastings, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand Grove : 650 trees over 4 hectares Varieties : Frantoio, Leccino, Koroneiki, Pictual, et some Manzanillo, Kalamata, Picholine Harvest : late-may, mechanical Productivity : 1 200 to 1 800 liters per year Other products : infused oils and table olives Curious about Hawke’s Bay … Continuer de lire Aquiferra – New Zealand

Mount Grey Olives – New Zealand

Farmer : John et Jan Dodgson Brand : Mount Grey Olives Settlement year : 2009 Location : Amberley, North Canterbury, New-Zealand Size of the grove : 7 hectares, 2000 trees Varieties : Leccino, Barnea, Frantoio, J-2, Manzanillo, Verdale Harvest : June ; partly mechanical and partly with electrical combs Production : an average 3.000 liters yearly Other products: infused oils, table olives, soaps   … Continuer de lire Mount Grey Olives – New Zealand

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