Olive oil Made in China

China is a fascinating country in many ways and is the subject of many fantasies for us Westerners. Its exotic orientalism and millenary traditions have seduced Europeans since Marco Polo recounted them in his book The Travels, while Beijing’s desire for economic hegemony is worrying and even frightening. So what happens when China steps into the olive crop, one of the oldest and most vibrant … Continuer de lire Olive oil Made in China

祥宇 Xiangyu – China

Producer: Mrs. Yuhong Liu Brand: Xiangyu Date of settlement: 1997 Location: Wudu district, Longnan region, Gansu Province, China Olive grove: 1 000 ha owned + cooperative over 20 000 ha Varieties: Leccino, Koroneiki, Pendolino, Picual, Picholine, but also the chinese varieties Ezhi-8 and Gheng’Gu-32 Harvest time: Hand picking in November Production: 2 millions litres per year Other products: a hundred products: sweet table olives, beauty … Continuer de lire 祥宇 Xiangyu – China

Yu Sheng Kang – China

Producer: Pu Jianxin Brand: Yu Sheng Kang Year of settlement: 2009 Location: Wudu district, Longnan region Gansu Province, China Olive grove: no Varieties: several, in particular : Leccino, Koroneiki, Pendolino, Frantoio, Picual, Arbequina, etc. Harvest: hand picking in November Production: 200 000 litres per year Other products: no Specificities: buy olives to farmers from more than 20 villages Olive oil production in Gansu, a fruitful … Continuer de lire Yu Sheng Kang – China

Long Jin Yuan – China

Producer: Wang Rui Brand: Long Jin Yuan Year of settlement: 2015 Location: Wudu district, Longnan region Gansu Province, China Olive grove: 130 hectares Varieties: Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Picual, Koroneiki Harverst:  end of October, hand picking Production: 300,000 litres per years Other products: olive wine, vinager, liquor, and leaves tea Specificities: own their olive nursery New entrants of Chinese olive oil, already so big! Along a large … Continuer de lire Long Jin Yuan – China

Shan Quan He Tao – China

It is at the bottom of the Tiger Leaping Gorges in Yunnan, China, after kilometres of train and bus, then 9 hours trekking on 1200 meters in height, that we finally meet Sean. Of Tibetan origin, his family has been living in the gorges for more than five generations and produces walnuts and walnut oil in this village known as Walnut Garden. But for the … Continuer de lire Shan Quan He Tao – China